S.E.A.T. = Solar Electric Art Trucks

Harry Bertoia was known for his "more air than chair" metal wire grid seats of modern styles since the 1950s.

As Val Bertoia continues this legacy in another way. His philosophy of the growing-spiral-pathway through life led him to apply the Chinese 12-year animal cycle in a humorous way to his solar carts.

Toward the end of Harry's life and the beginning of Val's career, 1980s, Val experimented with wind, hydro and solar electricity. These three natural energies can provide 100% for home and workplace. These natural energies charge the 48V carts so that the electrical supply sources is moveable and transportable.

This group of solar carts uses Harry Bertoia's seat designs and is called:

S.E.A.T. = Solar Electric Art Trucks

Val began to make full-scale drivable models with names like:

RAT = Rechargable Art Truck
PIG = Portable Inverter Golfcart
GOAT = Generator Operated Art Truck (formerly Tiger)
APE = All-Purpose Edu-car

Each with a different purpose. These labels match the SEAT (Spiral Extended Animal Trail) wooden mock-up as shown on the postcard.

Val is now working on a project to make a rampway for his SEAT carts to reach the B-Gallery - making progress happen.

It's a fun way to get up and down the spiral hill.