Bertoia Studio & Sonambient® Barn Visits

Bertoia Studio visits begin in Bertoia Studio, Bally, Pennsylvania, the Original Studio of Harry Bertoia, where he worked since the 1950s. Bertoia Studio enjoys group visits each year from varied professions and interests in Design, Furniture, Music, Symphony Composers, Musicians, Architects, Students, Journalists, Horticulturists, Museums, Galleries and family gatherings as well as individuals, and children. Bertoia Studio describes the history of Harry Bertoia and his lifetime work with Knoll (located nearby) and how Harry Bertoia expanded his multi-faceted-talented career in the arts through sound-sculpture, sound-recording, sculpture, printmaking and jewelry-making. Bertoia Studio and Sonambient® Barn are his Original Home for the creation of his vision. Val encourages a question/answer time with the visit groups.

From Bertoia Studio we drive a few miles to the Bertoia Ecological Sculpture Pathway and to experience the Original Harry Bertoia Sonambient® Barn, cultivated over time into a compilation of both Val Bertoia and Harry Bertoia sound-sculptures. Val Bertoia and Melissa Strawser created an Ecological Sculpture Pathway following Bertoia philosophy and Val’s inspired growing directional spiral. There are various sculptures to follow each side of the pathway-East, South, West, North-with energies of nature-Water, Sun, Wind and Trees. Once you walk the path with Val and/or Melissa, you can understand the importance of their Art in Nature. Ask Nature for Direction,​ Val Bertoia​,​ 1949,​ follows the growing spiral for his Sculpture Pathway, Melissa Strawser, 1998, ​enhances pathway for groups to follow Art in Nature.


Advance reservations and payment are required for groups up to 12 people. Groups Visits are available between March and November.  Please fill out the form below or call 610.845.7096 to schedule with us at the address below.

Bertoia Studio
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$200.00 for 10 people

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