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Harry Bertoia 50 Drawing Book


Unbound print book
Harry made these original 50 drawings in California in the 1940s.
Artist Proof and Forward by Harry Bertoia, 1978
Printed by Quentin Fiore, 1979
*Includes Set of 6 playable CDs of Harry Bertoia Sonambient®, 1970s

Price: $360.00

The Sun / The Moon CD


Harry Bertoia Sonambient CD

Price: $20.00

10 Vinyl LP Records of HB Sonambient®


Collectors items of 1970s
$50 each or $500 per set

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Single LP

LP Set

Bertoia T-shirts


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The Adventure of Living


By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $50.00

Little Bear in Trouble

BertoiaStudioStoreBrigittaBertoiaBearBook - $25

By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $25.00

Mystic Poems

BertoiaStudioStoreBrigittaBertoiaBookMysticPoems - $25

By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $25.00

Brigitta Bertoia Books


Various Brigitta Bertoia Books Available

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The Adventures of Living

BertoiaStudioStoreBrigittaBertoiaBookTheAdventuresofLiving - $25

By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $25.00

The Flying Tavern


By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $25.00

The Round of Life

BertoiaStudioStoreBrigittaBertoiaTheRoundofLife - $25

By Brigitta Bertoia

Price: $25.00

100 Years of Harry Bertoia & Son DVD

BertoiaStudioStoreDVD - $25

Price: $25.00

Sonambient® DVD

BertoiaStudioStoreDVD2 - $25

Price: $25.00

Children's Book DVD

BertoiaStudioStoreDVDChilldrensBook - $25

Price: $25.00

Harry Bertoia Monoprints Book, Signed

BertoiaStudioStoreHBMonoprintBookSigned -$100+Shipping

Price: $100 plus shipping

The World of Bertoia Book, Signed

BertoiaStudioStoreTheWorldofBertoiaBookSigned - $100+Shipping

Price: $100 plus shipping



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